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Getting Married in New Zealand

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Getting Married – Legal Requirements in New Zealand

A very brief guide to what you need to know before you get married in New Zealand. For an in-depth list of requirements please visit:

There are 2 ways to get married in New Zealand :
1. By a Registered Marriage Celebrant

You can choose:
- When and where you will get married.
- Write your own vows.
- A religious or independent Marriage Celebrant.

2. In a Registry Office
Registry Office Ceremonies :
- Are held during business hours. ( Google: Registry Office Ceremonies) .

- use standard vows ( marriage cannot be customized).

Get a Marriage License

A brief summary of what you need to know before you get a marriage license. For an in-depth knowledge of what is required please visit

1. You need to arrange for a marriage license at least 3 working days before you get married.

2. It expires after 3 months

3. Only one of you needs to complete the application but you need information about both of you.

4. At the time of writing this blog, the costs are:
- $150 for a marriage license ( only) where a celebrant conducts the ceremony. A Celebrant may have his or her own charge.
- $240 when you get married at the registry.

Please visit to learn what you need to know in depth.

Find a Marriage Celebrant

Only a registered marriage celebrant can perform weddings in New Zealand. If you are having an hindu wedding, please ask your priest if he is a celebrant as not all priests are registered celebrants.

You can find a registered celebrant from :


- As Wedding Specialists, we have worked with many celebrants and we can help you find a suitable one.

- Find a celebrant who you are comfortable with and who can customise the ceremony based on your requirements.

For help in planning or hosting your wedding, contact our experienced team today to guide you to a stress free wedding day. visit our website: or email us

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