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Wedding Day Advice - No one may give you

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As soon as you announce your wedding, chances are you will be bombarded with tips and advice from many friends and family. From our experience in walking many couples down the isle, here are a few important tips that many may not share with you and these tips will help you enjoy your wedding day even more.

1. Enjoy each moment.
The day you dreamt of is finally here. All the planning that had to be done is over.
On the actual day, it is important you stop worrying and panicking about the wedding arrangements. This rare day will fly past, you have to embrace each moment and Enjoy every bit of it.

Delegate important tasks and payment arrangements that need to be done on the day to someone responsible. Trust your Wedding Coordinator, MC or whoever is responsible for the event to run with it as the day unfolds. At this point I would like to say its critical to have a chosen MC or someone who knows the ins and outs of the entire day so they can execute it without troubling you every half hour for things that are not in place.

2. Eat sufficiently to last the day
We understand our wedding day will arrive with an explosion of emotions churning your tummy. You will be nervous, excited, restless and happy - all at the same time. Amids this many couples forget to eat and drink well to sustain them throughout the day and evening. By the time you have dressed up, taken numerous pre ceremony shoots and driven to the venue you are feeling hungry and possibly slightly weak.

Ensure your best man or matron of honour has some emergency supplies which includes some snacks.

3. Ensure mandap seating is comfortable

If you having a traditional hindu wedding, by the time the pheras come, the couple, especially the bride is way too exhausted. Being clad in a heavy lehenga, decked jewellery and fancy hair isn't an easy task. I am sure you would want your time on the stage to be as comfortable as possible. Discuss with your decorators and planner beforehand and ensure the mandap seating is comfortable.

4. Take short breaks from photos

You probably didn't see this coming but your face will probably hurt from smiling so much for the photographs. You would be expected to smile for countless groups photos with guests and couple shots. Hence we suggest you take a short break from photos informing your photographer and your wedding coordinator accordingly.

5. Don't freak out

Wedding blues are real. You feel so many emotions at once, some things might not turn out as they were planned - the centre pieces do not look that great as you thought, ceremony is running late, guests have not arrived, weather is not helping etc etc.
From our experience, on the day we have encountered numerous circumstances beyond our control. Our strong suggestion is to try your best to stay calm and enjoy what is happening right.
Chances are no one is paying as much attention to the details than you are.
Trust your MC or your delegated person to do the best with what is there in front of you all.

6. For the Brides - ensure your bridesmaid has a survival kit handy

Whether you have a sudden headache, your bridal dupatta unsettles or the zip of your lehenga is not closing - you can conquer it with your bridal team having a survival kit by your side.


This one is for both the bride and the groom - visit the washroom before you get onto the stage/mandap. You would not want to be sitting there uncomfortably :)

For help in planning or hosting your wedding, contact our experienced team today to guide you to a stress free wedding day. visit our website: or email us

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