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What is a Run Sheet and Why is it Important?

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In order for your evening to flow smoothly, it is absolutely essential for your MC to have a run sheet. A running sheet for everyone involved in planning the ceremony and reception will mean fewer mistakes and mishaps on the day. The last thing you want is to be dealing with confused wait staff, performers and other suppliers when you want to enjoy the first moments of being husband and wife with your wedding guests. We have heard of many stories where the special evening has been ruined because of delays, things have over run and no one having an idea of what is happening next - all because there wasn't a run sheet that was being followed.

What Is a Run Sheet?

A Run Sheet is a detailed outline of the wedding or reception events and is particularly important for the Wedding MC. It will include times, key events, speaker names, entertainment and other activities, surprises you might have in store for the bride and groom. Run sheets could include special notes such as names of songs, supplier names and contacts etc.

Preparing a Run Sheet

Whatever you decide, it's important that you decide on a realistic timeframe for each important activity and have it prepared for everyone involved.

As part of our service, we sit with the couple or the organizing personnel and using our experience of having planned and hosted many events we go through in detail the flow of the evening. We carefully allocate timings for each event and ritual that will make up the function.

Executing From a Run Sheet.

It is the role of your MC to assume leadership role (become the director for the show) of your suppliers and vendors team including the DJ, Photographer, Celebrant, Videographer, Caterer, Venue Manager and Performers.

Before the function the MC should have gone through the run sheet with the above personnel ensuring they are all on the same page.

It is said “A Plan is a Plan till it gets executed”, we have seen that despite planning carefully and extensively and for functions, there are unexpected delays and events. The role of the MC is to ensure that the vendors are all aware of these mishaps and reshuffles to the run sheet are clearly communicated.

Friends, if you need assistance with your run sheets or have any questions regarding your special day then do not hesitate to contact us via email on We are a team of experienced event specialists who will be able to assist you with your wedding plans.

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