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Why Hire A Professional Wedding MC?

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Why Should You Hire a Professional Wedding MC?

Times are changing and we are seeing more and more couples hiring professional MCs for their wedding . The role of an Emcee (MC) should be seen as a vital ingredient of your very important day – you are spending thousands of dollars and your valuable time towards your special day and you need to ensure someone experienced is in charge to bring it all together as per your dream.

A Professional MC with their experience and skills will handle almost all coordination and stressful tasks for you, this will allow you and your family members to relax and enjoy your special day.

A Professional Wedding MC:


  • Has the experience to take on this important role. In our case, our MCs are trained in almost all aspects of a function and how to bring it all together on the day. Since we have hosted many events, we bring a lot of experience and wisdom to do the job.
  • Can focus totally on the job whereas a wedding guest acting as the MC understandably has divided attention. Also unlike a professional MC, a wedding guest has no MC reputation to protect. Let your beloved guest celebrate you by enjoying every moment of your special day with you and not stressing about what to do next to entertain your guests.
  • Will competently liaise with key stakeholders at the wedding including the bridal party, venue manager, caterers, photographers, performers, speakers and DJ etc. We become the key central contact for all. A family member may lack the authority and skill to do this.
  • Will have a strong and commanding voice which is necessary to get the attention and respect of the guests especially later at a reception when things can get a bit rowdy!
  • Will expertly control the flow of events to ensure the function goes to plan. Sometimes (and from our experience, most times) the function doesn’t go to plan with unforeseen circumstances)  and a professional MC can liaise with key people to see where time can be made up.
  • Will effectively and seamlessly handle any awkward situations if they do arise. A professional MC will probably be better at using humour here to reduce any tension. A recent occurring was the fire alarm going off half way through an event. Getting the guests back in it was surely fun :).
  • Will take charge of the entire function flow and ensure service professionals, speakers and performers are briefed and are all on the same page during the event to avoid any surprises.
  • Understands the important balance between performing the formal duties and adding humour.
  • Will ensure that your guests have lots of laughs and this will include spontaneous humour plus tasteful funny material about the bride and groom. An unprofessional MC may tell old jokes well but such jokes may be inappropriate for the occasion and because of inexperience their ability to ad lib may not be very good.
  • Will be sensitive to your guests’ varying ages and cultures. This will obviously avoid hurt and embarrassment.
  • Will make your special day even more treasured and memorable for the right reasons.

If you need assistance with choosing a Professional MC for your next special moment in life then please do contact us on or visit our website for further details

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