• Professional MC Workshop

    18th May 2019, Novotel Ellerslie

    Become the MC you always wanted to be, build your confidence in speaking in public, build your own brand , learn and grow with like minded professionals and have another income source. Join us for this workshop.


    Program For Day

    9:00am- --Registration ( Tea & Coffee)

    9:15am- --Welcome & Introductions

    9:30am- --Keynote Address : Justin Thompson ( Motivational Speaker & Public Speaking Champion)
    9:45am- --Overcome Fear of Public Speaking & Public Speaking Techniques
    ----------------Interactive session with participants
    - -Overview Of MC Role & Why Hire a Professional MC

    11:00am- --Morning Tea & Photo Session
    - --Planning & Preparation as MC

    ---------------- Pre - Function Planning

    --------------------- Building a bond with clients.

    --------------------- Communication from first contact.

    ---------------- Planning for Function

    --------------------- Gathering appropriate information for function .

    --------------------- Injecting of Fun and memorable moments.

    ---------------- Pre - Function Preparation & Checks

    --------------------- Research.

    --------------------- How to enhance key moments.

    --------------------- Scripting and rehearsing

    --------------------- Putting together your function timeline

    --------------------- Connecting with other suppliers

    12:15pm- --Function Day

    --------------------- Lead Up to Function.

    --------------------- Appearance.

    --------------------- Pre - Function checks ( on arrival).

    --------------------- Connecting with audience (pre and during function).

    --------------------- Appearance.

    --------------------- What to expect on the day?

    --------------------- Stage & microphone technique.

    --------------------- Using vocal variety.

    --------------------- Starting the function.

    12:45am- -Build Your Own Brand, Join the Mr MC Network , Q & A


    1:30pm- --Wrap Up



    As Participants You also get to:

    ----------------------- Use the microphone, practice and get feedback

    ----------------------- Get professional photos taken for profile

    ----------------------- Get assistance with finding their first function to MC and guidance with it.

    ----------------------- Accompany one of the Mr MC Team MC's as an observer in an event.

    ----------------------- Take away a workbook with tips.



    -------------------------- $275.00 - paid before 18th April

    -------------------------- $299 - paid after 18th April

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